Mid-Atlantic Multirotor Inc., Announces Partnership with KDE Direct Inc.

PITTSBURGH, PA – April 16, 2014 – Mid-Atlantic Multirotor Inc., on April 15, 2014 announced a partnership between itself and KDE Direct Inc., to become a reseller of their XF Multi-Rotor Brushless Motors. The KDE Direct XF multi-rotor brushless motor series are high-quality engineered motors, specifically for multi-rotor and UAS applications. These incredibly efficient motors […]

Mid-Atlantic Multirotor Inc., Announces New Line of Feature Film and Television Production Multirotor Airframes

TOLEDO, Ohio – April 7, 2014 – Mid-Atlantic Multirotor on April 4, 2014 announced a professional grade line of multi-rotor airframes at the Weak Signals RC Show.  The line boasts one prosumer machine, Quadzilla, and two professional-grade production machines, X⁴ and X⁸.  The airframes are constructed from high-quality carbon fiber and are designed and manufactured […]